How to Make a Bun

Before you start your bun be sure you have the following items on hand: hair brush, hair elastic, hair net, bobby pins, hair spray.

​1. First, pull hair back into a pony tail. With all hair pulled back evenly on crown of head, use the elastic band to secure the ponytail onto the head. Don’t worry about the loose hair at the bottom. That will be taken care of later.
​2. Twist the entire ponytail. Once whole ponytail is twisted, follow the motion around to lay the ponytail onto the head.
​3. Twist the ponytail in a circular motion around the base of the elastic band. After the hair is wrapped around the base of the ponytail, push bobby pins in to secure the bun.
​4. Take the hair-net and wrap it around the bun. Then flip the direction of the net and wrap, again. Continue to wrap the net in one direction, flip, and wrap in the other direction.
​5. Secure the net to the head-hair by placing bobby pins around the bun and against the head, like spokes of a wheel. Use clips to secure fly-away hair on top of the head.
​6. Pull up the hair that is too short to be in the pony-tail and secure it under the bun with “alligator” clips. You may also do this before you make the bun. Your dancer’s bun is now completed. She will look as beautiful as she dances! 

Thanks to Miss Wendy’s niece, Natalie, for being the model.